Geeky clothing and fun stuff!

1480752_1593573170910222_3579260646296166362_nI love to create! And I have been told for a while now that I should be selling my creations for the world to see. I am pleased to FINALLY take everyone’s advice and do so. I plan to add more skirts, bum ruffles, plush, painted parasols, accessories, pouches, mini hats, and whatever else I think of! Please ask if you have a question about something.

I can not take returns, but I *might* be able to work out an exchange of some sort (the shipping gets complicated and I would have you take care of that). Always ask if you are not sure. I haven’t started custom orders yet but I plan to in the future (but you can always ask if you’d like something!).

I love costuming and fun clothing. I like to be comfortable while expressing myself, and I hope you’ll enjoy what you wear, too.

You can reach me at my email just in case the Etsy messaging doesn’t work. I am really good at responding to emails as soon as I can.